Things You Need to Know about Alserkal Avenue

In a world full of creativity, art in Dubai has some remarkable qualities. When we’re talking about Dubai Art, Alserkal Avenue is one of the most popular places to visit. In 2008, Mr. Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal founded Alserkal Avenue and gathered artists from around the world to share their art. Mr. Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Al Serkal is an Emirati executive that revolutionized the idea of bringing art from all over the world into Dubai. Its iconic Avenue is situated next to a renovated warehouse in the 'Al Quoz neighborhood,' giving it a unique and funky appearance. The most impressive and distinctive feature about Alserkal Avenue is the ability to adapt very quickly.

Events at Alserkal Avenue

Multiple events are hosted at Alserkal avenue, and every setup is easily created and managed given the adaptive nature of Alserkal avenue. However, this colossal building is divided into various warehouses that contain art galleries, restaurants, cafes, retail shops, and much more. Below are just a few things you can experience:

  • 12 art galleries (to showcase art from around the world both from local artists and globally renowned names such as Sacha Jafri at the Leila Heller Gallery)
  • Seven community spaces (for community-based events)
  • Six cafes
  • Five entertainment points (like an indie-style cinema called Cinema Akil and performing arts)
  • Eight retail spaces
  • Two warehouse takeovers

Some spaces are even fixed for art foundations that are free from any profit. 

Things you must remember when visiting Alserkal Avenue

  • When you visit Alserkal Avenue, be sure to check out “The Odd Piece” for beautiful handmade antiques and furniture items. Although many items sold here are very pricey due to the nature of the items; you can always just visit to get inspired.
  • Be sure to stop by the Leila Heller Gallery for jaw dropping experience. The Leila Heller Gallery features artists such as the world-renowned Sacha Jafri.
  • Try out Chaiwala nestled within Cinema Akil for delicious street food and signature teas.
  • Looking to watch an indie-movie? Be sure to check out Cinema Akil’s website

Best time to Visit

  • Before you visit Alserkal Avenue, make sure to check their timings. Timing may vary in summer and winter.
  • Best times to visit Dubai are between October and March. You be walking quite a lot at Alserkal Avenue, and that walking includes being outdoors, so make sure you grab a bottle of water to stay hydrated in case you decide to visit in summer times such as August. Temperatures in August can reach 50 degrees Celsius in Dubai.

Other Information about Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue hosts art galleries, exhibitions, and art events; many other events like the Majlis talk and multiple book launches are hosted here. They also provide free road trips, where they exhibit various performances and cultural initiatives. Furthermore, an exhibition week was celebrated at Alserkal Avenue that highlights the artists and their art.

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