Boost your living space with beautiful canvas and wall art in Dubai

Every room in your house or office deserves art. Walls shouldn’t remain empty. It may be a living room, bedroom, bathroom, funky basement, or maybe a garage. Would you rather be watching a Netflix movie in a space that isn’t cozy or would you rather watch a Netflix film in a cozy living room with beautiful wall art. Sure; the art on your walls won’t really make the film you are watching any better, but it will elevate your total experience. If this wasn’t true – then it’s like saying you would go to a very dull restaurant and still enjoy a meal. Sure, your food might taste good, but wouldn't the overall experience feel much better if the restaurant was decorated nicely? Same rules apply when it comes to your home and especially the walls in your home. Elevate your total experience, and decorate your walls. Trust us; your space will feel a lot more cozy.

Over the last hundreds of years, canvas art has become the most reliable visual art platform. It is robust for an excellent purpose: it is powerful, and it retains color and form of art more than anything else on earth. This is the reason why we at Portraits and Co in Dubai have chosen the canvas as our direct product offering.

Bringing you the best quality canvas art in Dubai, UAE, beautifully created, printed, mounted on wood from sustainable forests and shipped ready to display. Portraits and Co ensures you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We understand the importance of decorating empty walls with beautiful art, and we are here to ensure we meet your every expectation when it comes to your canvas art needs. 

Canvas art also polishes your kid's creativity levels if the walls of your kid's bedroom or game room has art to encourage imagination from instructional items to paintings depicting their new favorite animal. A child's room must represent their age, personality, and preferences.

Many kids want to imitate what they are seeing. This is naturally something the world has been learning for decades. By offering your children a broader range of inspiration, you will better lead them to their potential.

Wall Art Dubai

Anytime you enter a room, your pretty much going to see walls, don’t you think those walls should feature a beautiful canvas as opposed to leaving them blank? We understand that purchasing paintings from renowned artists can be quite expensive. Especially if the artist is famous. Often times, people end up buying wall art from department stores such as IKEA as it’s quite cost effective, however IKEA is a furniture store, not a specialist in wall art or canvas art. This is why Portraits and Co was born, it was born to provide beautiful art with gallery standards at affordable prices, so you don’t have to break the bank.

Tips for purchasing Wall Art

  • Your wall art should comprise between 50% and 75% of the readily accessible wall space, whether it is a blank hallway wall or an empty wall just above furniture, like your couch, bed or tv. Possibilities are, it's going to be a big room for expansion, so when there's a doubt, go strong. You don’t want to have a tiny canvas print in a huge room, it just won’t look proportionate. We provide numerous sizes for you to choose from and even offer custom sizing.
  • If you don't want to create a huge piece, an incredible and breathtaking option is to combine one image merged across multiple pieces of canvas. That is slightly more custom and requires advanced canvas printing techniques. However; we've got you covered. 
  • Give your wall art a few breathing spaces by sticking it between 6 and 12 inches above its highest furniture point.

When choosing a piece, keep these things in mind:

  • Choose the perfect size and make sure your piece isn’t too small, unless there is very good reason for it to be.
  • Let your personality shine out, we are a reflection of what we purchase. If you are into lots of colors. Choose a piece that reflects your personality such as our premium bestselling Banksy piece which can be found by clicking here
  • You can either choose a canvas in portrait or landscape mode, however this all depends where you will be placing your canvas piece. For example: if you place a canvas over your bed, a landscape option might be more suitable. However; if your chosen piece isn’t available in landscape mode, you can then probably choose to purchase three different portrait pieces and line them up side by side over your bed. 
  • It's not always about art, sometimes you may want to decorate your walls with custom pictures of your family. A popular method for decorating a hallway in your home would be this custom canvas setup which can be found here all you have to do it is upload your family images and we will take care of the rest. Choose from a variety of layouts available in multiple sizes. After all, turning your photos into memories and hanging them on the wall is much better than just having pictures on your phone.

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