How Banksy art became globally recognized

Creativity requires courage

We all need art in our lives. People like to make their homes beautiful and there is no better way to make your home beautiful than featuring stunning canvas art on your empty walls. Moreover, to decorate your house or workplace, Portraits & Co artists work hard day and night to ensure we offer you unique canvas prints. Among these various artists, Banksy is one of the most creative and innovative artists in our generation. Banksy Art started from the streets of Bristol. 

In the beginning, Banksy was a graffiti artist and displayed his artwork in multiple streets of different cities. He started his journey in 1990 with a mural painting. Banksy always delivers unique, fresh, and comical portraits. Click here to view our Banksy canvas art collection. 

Why did Banksy move from Graffiti to Canvas Art?

In 2005, Banksy produced a wall art piece that was copied by a greeting card company in 2014. Banksy applied for copyright infringement and faced failure because the company claimed that copyright was not entitled.

It's always hard when your efforts are wasted. However, Banksy did not take it for granted; he came up with a shop in 2019 to meet the trademark requirements. He failed and was considered dishonest. Because of his anonymity, he was not considered the owner of his own wall art. 

Although this incident gave popularity to Banksy art, many other artists started fearing their anonymity means they don't own their actual work. Banksy once decided to sell his canvas art on the streets. He hired someone for this task, and when it came to determining the price, it was $60 each. At that time, lucky people who got one were sure that these were not original pieces.

Then his artwork went viral, and now the same art piece is at $20,000. That’s an outstanding achievement. In 2008, Banksy’s canvas "Keep it Spotless" sold for $1.3 million in collaboration with another artist. This was not the end; his artwork "House of Commons" in 2019 sold for $9.9 million. Its presale estimate was around $1.5 – $2 million.

Do you want Banksy art in your living room?

For unique and durable canvas art prints in Dubai, you can trust Portraits & Co for your every canvas art needs. We're here to serve you high-quality artwork at reasonable prices. However, there are many ways to place a canvas on a wall. We ensure that your experience with Portraits & Co meets your every expectation. We concentrate on the quality of content to ensure that you encounter your art as a masterpiece from the day you purchase until many decades later. 

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Moreover, the canvas quality will be 100% guaranteed waterproof and crack resistant. We are not only popular in Dubai, but also a trusted name all over the world. Banksy art is always there whenever anyone thinks of quality home decoration. What are you waiting for?

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